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ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Combo 1.5mm [M]
ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Combo 3.5mm [S]

ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties Combo

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Created by : ChiaoGoo
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Type : Interchangeable Needles
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Product Information

These ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties tips are honestly amazing! We are totally impressed by the precision engineering and the possibilities of how these tips can be used for all small circumference knitting!

    The Twist Short "Shorties" interchangeable system uses the amazing ChiaoGoo Red Lace surgical grade stainless steel tips which allows knitters to make really short circulars using a selection of either 5cm or 8cm tips - including shorter length cables too. 

    The pink packs are for MINI sizes ie 1.5mm through to 3.25mm. The blue packs contain SMALL sizes ie 3.5mm through to 5mm.

    The Twist Short Combo pack includes:

    • a pair of 5cm and a pair 8cm set of the same size tip
    • either a pair (two) of MINI [M] Twist Red cables or 2 Small [S] Blue X-Flex cables allowing knitters to make 23cm – 31cm circulars, depending on the size selected.
    • tightening keys

    The tips are solid and have a tightening hole near the threads and the cables are the same sizes as the current Chiaogoo MINI cables or the Small Cables.

    Please note that where a diameter tip has a [M] next to it - it can only be paired with a MINI size cable and  where a tip has a [S] next to it - it can only be paired with a Small size cable.   

    We also have a convenient complete sets of either the Red (Mini) or  Blue (Small) Shorties.