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KnitPro Cables
KnitPro Cables Yellow: 40cm - 20cm cable makes 40cm with Special Short Tip only
KnitPro Cables Blue: 50cm
KnitPro Cables Neon Green: 60cm
KnitPro Cables Orange: 80cm
KnitPro Cables Red: 100cm
KnitPro Cables Purple: 120cm
KnitPro Cables Black: 150cm

KnitPro Cables

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Created by : KnitPro
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Type : Interchangeable Needles
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Product Information

The KnitPro Cables pack consists of one cable, two plastic screw end caps and one Tightening Key.

Please note that the Cable length listed denotes the complete length of the circular when needle tips and cable are joined together ie measure your circular needles tip-to-tip once joined to the cable.

For example, if you want a 80cm circular needle, you would join a pair of 12.8cm regular tips to an Orange cable (which measures 56cm by itself) and that would measure just over 80cm. If you had the Special Short tips (which are 10cm long) your finished circular needle would measure approximately 76cm. 

  • Blue: 50cm - 28cm cable makes 50cm
  • Neon Green: 60cm - 35cm cable makes 60cm
  • Orange: 80cm - 56cm cable makes 80cm
  • Red: 100cm - 76cm cable makes 100cm
  • Purple: 120cm - 94cm cable makes 120cm
  • Black: 150cm -  125cm cable makes 150cm
  • Note: if using the 40cm cable, it is recommended to use the Special Short KnitPro needle tips. Using Regular length tips will make the length from tip-to-tip approximately 46cm, but will also limit the angle you can get between the tips and may make knitting very awkward.

KnitPro Cables features:

  • Compatible with most KnitPro Interchangeable needle tips including wood, metal and acrylic.
  • Smooth cable joins enables stitches to slide around needles effortlessly.
  • Long threaded joins to ensure that cable and needles stay connected.
  • Tightening hole provided in the join for that extra tightening.
  • Specially designed Tightening key that facilitates effortless tightening.
  • End caps that fit on to the cable joins to keep the knitting from falling off the cable when the tips are removed.
  • Flexible, thin cables.