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JUL Closures Lock Toggle Closure Chestnut
JUL Closures Oval Latch Pair Smooth Black
JUL Closures Oval Latch Pair Aubergine
JUL Closures
JUL Closures

JUL Closures

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Created by : JUL Designs
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Type : Buttons, Beads and Closures
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JUL Designs Buttons, Beads and Closures Closures

Product Information

Innovative and exciting alternatives to conventional closures. The screw-in application means you can put a closure or attachment anywhere on a garment, cowl, scarf, or shawl, dramatically increasing the styling possibilities beyond what is possible with conventional methods.

Styling with screw-in closures becomes a part of the creative process, allowing you to sculpt, layer, baste (using screw-in pedestal buttons), and combine pieces in previously impossible ways.