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Clover Sashiko Needles
Clover Sashico Needles
Clover Sashico Needles

Clover Sashiko Needles

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Created by : Clover
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Type : Sewing and Darning Needles
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Clover Sewing and Darning Needles Embroidery Needles Sashiko

Product Information

Clover quality.

Long type of embroidery needle specifically for Sashiko / sashico Japanese embroidery.

Sashico Needles are much longer and thicker than other needles to enable the stacked stitches required for this technique.

  • The needles will glide through fabric smoothly.
  • The needle has Gold-Eye plating with a unique elliptical design for easy threading.
  • The hardness of steel was obtained through high temperature treatment and tempering, making our needle hard to break or bend.
  • Nickel plated Steel for smooth sewing.
  • Sharp needle point

3 needles per pack. Sizes include:

  • 1.14mm x 69.8mm (1pc)
  • 1.14mm x 60.3 mm (1pc)
  • 1.07mm x 57.2mm (1pc)