ChiaoGoo Spin Bamboo Interchangeable Set - 13cm Tips

Created by: ChiaoGoo

Type: Circular Needles

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ChiaoGoo means "crafty lady" in Chinese and surely every crafty knitter will be in need of one of these incredible sets!

SPIN needle sets boast ChiaoGoo's famous bamboo needle tips. The needle tips feature a lifeline hole to make adding a lifeline as simple as knitting across the row. The zippered, book-style case features two double-row pockets for needles galore and one outside zippered pocket perfect for holding your cables and notions! What's more, in addition to the included stoppers, T-shaped keys, and connectors, you'll also receive a needle gauge and several brightly colored stitch markers!

Each SMALL set includes:

  • 7 pairs of 13cm needle tips in Metric sizes 2.75, 3.25, 3.5, 3.75, 4, 4.5, and 5 mm,
  • 3 cables to make circular sizes 60, 80, and 100cm,
  • 1 small cable connector,
  • 2 small end stoppers,
  • 2 T-shaped keys,
  • 1 needle gauge, and,
  • 12 stitch markers.