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ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Cable Connectors & Adapters Adapter Small Tip (2.75mm-5mm) to Mini Cable
ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Cable Connectors & Adapters Cable Connector Small

ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Cable Connectors & Adapters

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Created by : ChiaoGoo
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Type : Interchangeable Needles
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Product Information

If you like the flexibility of interchangeable needles, you'll like these connectors/adapters specifically designed for the ChiaoGoo branded cables and needle tips.

[S] refers to Small tips sized 2.75mm to 5mm

[L] refers to Large tips sized 5.5mm to 10mm

[M] refers to Mini tips sized 1.5mm to 2.5mm 


“Tic tac” sized pieces allow you to join two or more cables together.

[S] Small coded connectors fit onto all [S] Small coded cables.

[L]  Large coded connectors fit onto all [L] Large coded cables.

[M} MINI connectors (Item #2501-M) only work with the MINI cables and tips.

Please note that there are no connectors between different size cables e.g. [S] and [L] because there would be a 'lump' which would not allow the stitches to flow easily across the join.


Made of stainless steel these adapters will allow you to go from an [S] Small interchangeable TWIST/SPIN tip to a [M] MINI interchangeable TWIST cable.

We also have an adapter to go from an [L] Large interchangeable TWIST/SPIN tip to an [S] Small interchangeable TWIST/SPIN cable.

Please note that there is no adapter for a [S] Small tip to a [L] Large cable.  This is because there would be too much stress on the screw on the small tip and may cause breakage.