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ChiaoGoo Premium Bamboo Fixed Circulars
ChiaoGoo Premium Bamboo Fixed Circulars
ChiaoGoo Premium Bamboo Fixed Circulars 2mm / 23cm

ChiaoGoo Premium Bamboo Fixed Circulars

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Created by : ChiaoGoo
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Type : Circular Needles
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Width: 2mm
Length: 23cm

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ChiaoGoo Circular Needles Bamboo

Product Information

These beautiful ChiaoGoo fixed circular needles are made of Moso bamboo which is the strongest bamboo species and is warm to the touch. These have a patina finish and the joins are fantastic, the nylon cable is pliable and the tips swivel freely to minimise the cable twisting!

Great size range available.

2mm-5.5mm diameter have cable lengths from 23cm to 100cm.

6mm-10mm diameter have cable lengths from 40cm to 100cm.

Please note:

  • there is no 7mm or 7.5mm diameter sizes
  • Tip lengths differ depending on length of cable to enable smooth knitting in the smaller circumferences. 
    • 23cm circulars have a tip length of approx. 50mm
    • 30cm circulars have tips measuring approx.65mm
    • 40cm circulars have tips measuring approx.75mm
    • 60cm, 80cm and 100cm circulars have tips measuring approx. 115mm 
  • sizes 2mm - 3mm have the same memory-free style cable as the ChiaoGoo Knit Red Stainless Steel circulars but have a clear colour. All other diameter sizes will have the nylon cable
  • there are no 23cm or 30cm cable lengths for diameters 6mm and larger so you won't be able to select or add to cart

Needle size is permanently laser imprinted on each circular tip for ease of selection.  All around this is the perfect tool for round tubular knitting such as socks, baby items, sleeves or whatever.