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Clover Amour Hook Sets Medium (2mm-6mm)
Clover Amour Hook Sets
Clover Amour Hook Sets
Clover Amour Hook Sets
Clover Amour Hook Sets Small (0.6mm-1.75mm)

Clover Amour Hook Sets

Created by: Clover

Type: Crochet Hooks

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Two different sets of Easy-to-Use Amour Crochet Hooks sized from either 0.60mm to 1.75mm (7 hooks) and 2mm to 6mm (9 hooks). Enjoy the convenience of having the most used sizes together in one pack.

The hook is designed to prevent thread from slipping, and making picking up and pulling through of stitches easier. 

The straight section of the hook shaft is longer to ensure consistent loop size and beautiful crocheting.

Easy to hold grip is easy on your hands Soft, Non-Slip Material

The three-dimensional curves on the grip fit your fingertips naturally. This naturally fitting design prevents you from gripping the needle unnecessarily tightly, stopping your hand from getting tired easily.

3674 / 3675

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