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Yarn Pop Gadgety Tote

Created by: Yarn Pop

Type: Organisers & Bags

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Keep your yarn, accessories and gadgets organised!  We all know that where there is yarn and projects, there are gadgets!

The Gadgety Tote is designed to help keep it all organized in one place.  With The Gadgety you can carry your yarn and project on one side, and then use the interior zipper pocket to store you gadgets (everything from needles to your smart phone).  Use the grommets for yarn, headphones and whatever else you can think of.  

  • There are two grommets, in separate compartments; one on the front and one on the back. Handy for separating two balls of yarn.
  • Fabric: sturdy canvas and it is fully lined, including the inside pocket
  • Industrial YKK zipper
  • Dimensions: 22.5cm square
  • Machine Washable, cold wash. Air dry
Made out of quality materials in the USA.