Quill Straight Needles  30 and 35cm long

Quill Straight Needles 30 and 35cm long

Created by: Quill

Type: Straight Needles

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Quill knitting needles are manufactured in New Zealand.

These super single point Quill Needles are made by the same manufacturer as the US needles Bryspun, they are fine quality knitting needles made of casein. They are lightweight, slightly flexible and warm to hold.

These are excellent, quality needles that also feature tapered tips making it easier to knit without splitting yarns.

Quill flexible knitting needles, made of this special casein plastic, are also great for those with arthritis. They are warm and soothing to the hand & perfect for knitters with all levels of experience.

30cm in length ranges from 2.75mm to 10mm width 
35 cm in length ranges from from 2.75mm to 15mm width