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Knit Klips Small purple 10 pk

Knit Klips

Created by: Susan Bates

Type: Knitting tools & Notions

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These handy clips make your seaming stress-free. Knit Klips definitely make seaming easier.

 Knit Klips operate like the popular butterfly-style hair clips, only they're smaller and have a single spike instead of two meshing combs. The spike meets a small hole on the other side of the clip, firmly securing whatever it's holding.Using Knit Klips is pretty intuitive. Simply line up the items to be seamed (front to front, or back to back, whichever way the pattern suggests) and position the clamps evenly along the area to be seamed.Once you've secured the whole thing, you can go back and fine-tune your alignment. If you really want to be precise, count and match the rows on each side before placing a clip, so that the rows match perfectly.Knit Klips are made of lightweight plastic with a slight matte finish for easy gripping.

They come in three sizes:

  • smaller size for 2 ply (lace) weight to DK weight knitted garments - in packs of 10
  • medium size for most yarn weights - in packs of 5
  • larger size for 10 ply (worsted) weight and above - in packs of 5 or packs of 10