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Collection: Yarn Bundles for Geogradient Mystery Shawl MKAL 2023 by Stephen West & Westknits

The 14th annual Westknits MKAL 2023 (Mystery Knit Along) is right around the corner! Thousands of knitters from all around the world come together to knit a wearable work of art starting on October 5 with the cast on and first clue (set of instructions).

This year's shawl will be a geometric explosion of colour that features a gradient of 4 fingering weight colours. Let us help you with your MKAL yarn selection. We can assist you with how much yarn you'll need and what types of colours will work for the MKAL 2023.

Join Stephen as he guides you through the mesmerizing stitches of this year’s mystery shawl with video tutorials throughout October. Get ready to blast off as we cast on Thursday, October 5! So, Click here to Sign up to ensure you get the Introductory Overview PDF plus the 4 Instruction Clues to be delivered to your inbox to make the shawl and grab your 


MKAL Pattern

The MKAL 2023 Geogradient pattern is available separately to buy. Make sure to purchase your copy from Ravelry or to get all the details about participation from Westknits!


This year’s shawl features a gradient of 4 colours of fingering weight yarn, 100g of each colour. It’s important to have a bit of contrast amongst your colours in order to see the details and crisp lines in the fabric. Solid, semi-solid, and lightly speckled fingering weight yarns are all great options for this year’s shawl. Try to avoid using very busy variegated and highly speckled yarns for all of the colours. It’s okay to have some painterly splashes for some of your colours. Think about your 4 colours as a crescendo of colour with colour A as the lightest colour and colour D as the darkest colour. Colour A - lightest colour Colour B - a little bit darker than A Colour C - a little bit darker than B and lighter than D Colour D - darkest colour


Clue 1 - Thursday, October 5 and cast on Amsterdam time
Clue 2 - Thursday, October 12
Clue 3 - Thursday, October 19
Clue 4 - Thursday, October 26

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