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Guys Knit - book by Nathan Taylor
Guys Knit - book by Nathan Taylor
Guys Knit - book by Nathan Taylor
Guys Knit - book by Nathan Taylor
Guys Knit - book by Nathan Taylor

Guys Knit - book by Nathan Taylor

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Nathan Taylor aka The Sockmatician is an interesting multi-talented dude. He's a great interpreter of the art and science of knitting and has set out to show the world his take on this craft by designing patterns, breaking down techniques (and stereotypes) and stitch at a time! So, he's clearly got time on his hands and has written a book. It's a good one!

This book is published by Haynes, famed the world over for their car manuals: the staple of every dusty shed and greasy garage. This book belongs firmly on the coffee table though! Recently published, GUYS KNIT is fast becoming THE reference manual for beginner knitters, aimed at encouraging men to take up the craft of knitting.

Taken from the back of the book...

Yup. We do.
It’s an ever-increasingly digital world: people stare at little screens all day, with nothing to show for it when the power goes off. More and more we are turning to traditional crafts to redress the balance, and for many, that means knitting.
I want to challenge the commonly held ‘misperception’ that knitting is a feminine pursuit –
GUYS KNIT is a beginner’s guide to knitting, and it is aimed specifically at men.
So I set out to write a manual that a guy might notice in a shop, and think to himself: that’s a book that represents me, and who I am. I wanted to do that because I am a guy. I’ve always championed male knitters, and together, we can overthrow the ridiculous notion that guys don’t, or shouldn’t knit. We do. And we should.
So if you are that guy in the shop, holding this manual in your hand, let me answer the question you’ve probably been asking yourself since you picked it up:
Yes. Knitting is for you. And this is the manual to teach you."

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